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Eos Pendant Small - Gold

Eos Pendant Small - Gold

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A delicate gold sunburst pendant with a gemstone set at the center. This minimalistic pendant is perfect for every-day wear. 

  • Gold-filled pendant and 16-inch gold-filled chain
  • Gemstone center
  • Chain is 16" in length
  • Pedant measures 9.5mm in diameter
  • Ready to ship

What is Gold-Filled?

Gold-filled is a durable jewelry material made by bonding a layer of solid gold to a base metal core, usually brass or copper. Unlike gold-plated items, which have a thinner layer of gold and are more susceptible to wear and tarnish, gold-filled jewelry retains its gold layer for a longer period, offering a more resilient and high-quality alternative.

Important Care Information

Patina has been applied to highlight the details as well as give the piece an antiqued look, care should be taken to protect the piece.

Sterling silver can tarnish over time. Tarnish is a natural occurrence where the metal reacts to oxygen and darkens and seems to look discolored. This discoloration can range from a light yellow/gold to a dark black/brown color. To avoid tarnish wear your pieces regularly and polish with a dry polishing cloth. One will be included with the purchase.

Do not wear your jewelry while using cosmetics, hair products, or house hold cleaning products. Do not submerge your jewelry in water, including washing hands, bathing and swimming. Water or cleaning products can damage or discolor the patina, and speed tarnishing. Water and cleaning products can also cause irreplaceable damage to fragile stones. To avoid these potential damages be sure to remove your jewelry before applying make up, washing your hands, swimming/bathing or cleaning your home.

Refund Policy

Returns for store credit are accepted within 7 days of receipt, please email to initiate.

Cash refunds will only be offered due to defect or a mistake on my part. Please read description carefully and take note of sizes included in the listing.


Ready-to-ship items ship 1-3 business days after ordering unless otherwise noted in the announcement bar at the top of the webpage.

Made-to-order items have a 2 week production time.

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Eos, Goddess of the Dawn

In the quiet moments before the world stirs awake, there exists a realm of ethereal beauty, where the goddess Eos (AY-ohs), herald of the dawn, unfolds the tapestry of morning light. This gold-filled Eos Sunburst Pendant, a homage to this celestial enchantress, captures the essence of the dawn's first blush in a wearable masterpiece.

Embark on a journey through the mythic landscape where Eos, with rosy fingertips, paints the sky with hues of dawn. The pendant's intricate, hand-stamped sunburst design mirrors the unfolding radiance, as if capturing the very essence of Eos' gentle touch.

As the goddess of new beginnings, the Eos pendant invites you to carry the promise of each new day wherever you go and serves as a reminder that with every sunrise comes the promise of a new chapter. Let this talisman become a tangible connection to the goddess herself, a conduit for the enchantment of the dawn. Wear this piece not just as a piece of jewelry, but as a personal invocation of Eos' magic.

Embrace the goddess within and adorn yourself with the dawn's luminous grace. Wear Eos and become a storyteller of your own mornings, carrying the goddess' radiance with you throughout the day's unfolding tale.


Known for its rich red hues, Garnet is revered as a stone of vitality and passion, believed to inspire courage and ignite the flame of creativity within the wearer. Much like the transformative dawn, Garnet is thought to bring about a fresh start, encouraging self-discovery and rejuvenation. Emotionally grounding, this gemstone aligns seamlessly with Eos' stabilizing influence, offering a sense of balance and endurance. Carry the invigorating essence of both gemstone and goddess throughout your journey.


This gemstone is believed to promote tranquility, balance, and a connection to higher realms, inviting wearers to embrace the serenity and renewed perspective that each dawn symbolizes. The soothing violet hues of amethyst within the pendant enhance its metaphysical properties, creating a synergy with Eos's transformative influence, making the Eos pendant not only a stunning accessory but a meaningful talisman for navigating the endless possibilities of each new day with a sense of peace and spiritual awakening.


Labradorite is believed to be a stone of transformation, fostering spiritual growth and inner strength. As the goddess of the dawn ushers in new beginnings, the labradorite at the heart of the pendant aligns with this energy, encouraging you to embrace change, enhance intuition, and navigate the unfolding chapters of their lives with grace and resilience. The ethereal dance of hues within labradorite mirrors the ever-changing beauty of the dawn, making it a fitting and harmonious gemstone for the Eos pendant, symbolizing the goddess's timeless influence over the cycles of renewal and the magic of new beginnings.

White Opal

Opal is revered for its transformative energies, fostering inspiration, creativity, and a deep connection to one's inner self. As the goddess Eos ushers in the dawn of a new day, the opal at the pendant's core mirrors this cyclical renewal, symbolizing the ever-changing, kaleidoscopic hues of the early morning sky. With its mystical properties, opal invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the endless possibilities that each dawn brings, making it a fitting and magical companion for those seeking to infuse their lives with the goddess's radiant energy.

Green Onyx

Green onyx is associated with fostering strength, balance, and personal growth. Its deep green hues evoke the rejuvenating essence of nature and align with the cyclical themes of renewal embodied by Eos, the goddess of the dawn. As you adorn the "Eos" pendant with green onyx, you are invited to embrace the transformative journey symbolized by the dawn, cultivating resilience and a harmonious connection with the natural cycles of life. The verdant energy of green onyx becomes a symbol of personal growth and renewal, making it a meaningful and harmonious gemstone for those seeking to embrace the goddess's influence in their daily lives.