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Opal Potion Pendant

Opal Potion Pendant

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Crafted with precision and passion, this pendant is a bewitching talisman that captures the essence of magic in every detail. The potion bottle shape, delicately hand-sawn, evokes a sense of mystery and enchantment, while the Ethiopian opal within serves as a portal to ethereal realms.

Hand-stamped details add an extra layer of charm, giving the pendant a unique and personalized touch. This exquisite piece is not just an accessory but a statement of your mystical journey, whether you're celebrating the spooky season or expressing your inner witch throughout the year.

Metaphysical Properties of Ethiopian Opal:

Ethiopian opal is revered for its metaphysical properties that align with the mystical and the spiritual. It is believed to enhance intuition, stimulate creativity, and ignite one's passion for life. This captivating gemstone is thought to strengthen one's connection to the spiritual realm, promoting emotional balance and a sense of inner harmony. As you wear the Opal Potion Pendant, let the Ethiopian opal guide you on a journey of self-discovery and enchantment.

Important Care Information

Patina has been applied to highlight the details as well as give the piece an antiqued look, care should be taken to protect the piece.

Sterling silver can tarnish over time. Tarnish is a natural occurrence where the metal reacts to oxygen and darkens and seems to look discolored. This discoloration can range from a light yellow/gold to a dark black/brown color. To avoid tarnish wear your pieces regularly and polish with a dry polishing cloth. One will be included with the purchase.

Do not wear your jewelry while using cosmetics, hair products, or house hold cleaning products. Do not submerge your jewelry in water, including washing hands, bathing and swimming. Water or cleaning products can damage or discolor the patina, and speed tarnishing. Water and cleaning products can also cause irreplaceable damage to fragile stones. To avoid these potential damages be sure to remove your jewelry before applying make up, washing your hands, swimming/bathing or cleaning your home.

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Cash refunds will only be offered due to defect or a mistake on my part. Please read description carefully and take note of sizes included in the listing.


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